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BASE Jumping & Skydiving Specialists emmy award
The Base jumping and skydiving specialists at Aerial Extreme have over twelve years of experience providing BASE jumping photography and skydiving photography, video, cinematography, stunts, demonstration BASE jumps and skydives, and a host of other extreme activities. Our Emmy-award winning footage has appeared in a number of television programs and commercials, and our spectaculer still photography has graced the pages of worldwide publications.

skydiving BASE jumping and skydiving have been a part of Mark Lichtle's life for the past 14 years. As founder and president of Aerial Extreme, much of his time is spent traveling the world leading BASE expeditions with cameras rolling, capturing some of the most dynamic sports footage ever shot, all of which ends up in Aerial Extreme’s impressive stock library.

As a BASE jumping expedition leader, Mark has led teams to such remote locations as the famous 13,000 foot Eiger in Switzerland, the majestic 3,000 foot walls of Norway, and the ominous 1,400 foot deep Cave of the Swallows in Mexico. BASE jumping expedition

exhibition BASE jump Exhibition BASE jumps and demonstration skydives have been organized by Aerial Extreme for promotional purposes all over the world. Whether it’s a jump from a plane or a BASE jump from a building, Aerial Extreme can make it happen. Aerial Extreme has assembled a staff of some of the best skydivers and BASE jumpers available. These highly skilled athletes are capable of performing jumps into any city, coliseum, ball park or venue. With our extensive experience in planning and safely executing BASE jumping and skydiving events, nothing is too crazy for us to consider.

When it comes to BASE jumping video and skydiving video, Aerial Extreme hosts one of the best stock libraries from around the globe. Exotic locations include Thailand, Malaysia, Norway, Italy, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Mexico. Whether you’re producing a show for television, the movies or a commercial, Aerial Extreme delivers the most intense footage! If our expansive BASE jumping and skydiving stock library doesn't hold what you're looking for, contact us about a custom shoot to capture the perfect angle just for you!

BASE jumping stunt

skydiving stunt

Aerial Extreme also organizes and performs BASE jumping and skydiving stunts. Stunts can be performed for corporate advertising, television or Hollywood movies.

A sampling of clients includes The Discovery Channel, CBS, Fox TV, Nova, The Learning Channel, The British Broadcast Corporation, PowerAde, Yahoo, Time Magazine and many, many more.


Aerial Extreme is a full service provider. From concept to completion, we will do our best to fulfill your needs. Whether it’s a stock image, video clip or a complex promotional stunt designed to bring attention to your company or product, Aerial Extreme can do it.

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BASE jumping stunt Because Aerial Extreme offers so much, don’t hesitate to pitch something by us. If it has anything to do with parachutes, skydiving, BASE jumping, photography, video, promotions, stunts, movies, commercials or whatever, Aerial Extreme can make it happen.

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